Circularity in action

“Scaling up circularity and sustainable consumption and production is essential to address the three planetary crises we are facing: the climate crisis, the biodiversity and nature crisis, and pollution and waste crisis.”

Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director

Coherent SCP or circular policy frameworks

Explore how to increase impact on climate, pollution and nature ,through a combination of coherent SCP and circular policy packages, and….

Sustainable design of products and services

…. design practices of products and services which minimize harmful environmental impacts of products over their lifecycle.

Global trends on the current uptake of coherent SCP or circular policy frameworks and sustainable design practices of products and services

Building on current trends & practices as well as broad consultations, opportunities for more impact of coherent and circular policies and design practices


Literature review, online consultations and interviews which were conducted between 2020 and 2021 allowed to identify global trends, opportunities and barriers as well as recommendations on the design and implementation of coherent SCP or circular policy packages that contribute to boost resource efficiency and decouple economic growth from environmental degradation and foster good practices related to sustainable design of products and services. These key findings are documented in UNEA-5 working document UNEP/EA.5/4 – Progress in the implementation of resolution 4/1 on innovative pathways to achieve sustainable consumption and production: Report of the Executive Director.

The report can be downloaded in all UN languages: