Addressing Marine Plastics: A Systemic Approach – Stocktaking Report

The report takes stock of the extent of knowledge on plastics in the marine environment: key sources and locations of these plastics, and an analysis of the problematic products and polymers making up marine plastics and micro-plastics. It also summarizes existing policy responses.  

Addressing Marine Plastics: A Roadmap to a Circular Economy

The document provides an action-oriented strategy by identifying a core set of priority solutions to be implemented by targeted stakeholders under different time horizons, and at different geographical scales – to reduce the leakage of plastics into the environment and its associated impacts.  

The Long View: Exploring Product Lifetime Extension

The report aims to provide recommendations on the opportunities available to consumers, private sector and especially governments, of developed and developing economies, to fight against planned obsolescence and address product lifetime extension.  

New business models for circularity

The manual introduces a methodology for the implementation of eco-innovation within SMEs in developing and emerging economies, to inform, guide and support manufacturing companies to improve their sustainability performance as a strategy for developing new business models.  

Re-defining Value – The Manufacturing Revolution

The report connects the potential for resource efficiency, via circular economy and the processes that retain product value within the systems. It is one of the first to quantify the current-state and potential impacts associated with the inclusion of value-retention processes within industrial economic systems.